Why use us

Do you really want to set up thousands of dominoes yourself? We thought not.

Weijers Domino Productions is a reliable, professional and flexible full-service production company. All of our domino productions are tailor-made and therefore a ‘one-off’. We are always fully committed to our clients and to our client’s clients. Only the highest level of quality is good enough for us.

Each domino production presents the creative challenge to achieve that ‘once-in-a-lifetime experience.’ Our full-service approach covers the design and development of the domino production and setting up the domino projects. It also covers project management, creative domino know-how, directing, communication and marketing know-how. Depending on the production clients may want to use our fully prepared domino studio. We operate as sub-contractors or as the main contractor.

To create a unique production company that operates worldwide from something as basic as the domino effect, you need outstanding professionals who are anything but average. All our highly educated professionals bring that little twist that will lift your project to a new level of creativity. We believe in great team work, so for every production we compose a team of professionals, with the required skills in the areas of communication, marketing, design, technical, logistic, domino building, television or event expertise. Not only our productions present a new experience, so does working with us.

Concentration and precision