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The domino team consists of enthusiastic and creative people, who consider it their mission to deliver spectacular communication results together with our clients. We are experienced domino professionals and each of us has worked on large domino projects, such as Domino Day. Our vacancies can be found in the business center. Now let us introduce our departments.

Management: The management consists of professionals in communication, organizing, creating and realizing large-scale projects.

Domino Design: The design team is responsible for the visualization and development of the ideas in domino designs. They are experts in translating concepts into designs and continuously explore new ways of domino possibilities.

Domino Techniques & Special Domino Effects: Our technique department is the place where all the tricks and special domino techniques are invented and implemented into projects.

Domino Production: The domino production department is specialised in (domino) logistics and production. They are responsible for all communication, marketing and event activities.

Domino Development: At the development department, the designs are digitalized and translated into domino layouts with specially developed software.

Team Weijers Domino Productions