Autoville Domino Show


Autoville, The Club, Moscow

Event agency:



Design and produce a domino live show for the official opening of the Autoville Museum in Moscow.


During the official opening Autoville Museum showed her guests the unique look of the collection of cars and the striking museum interior. By choosing a Domino Live Show and thus an original way of entertainment on such a special occasion the museum showed how to distinguish herself. The 150 guests were pleasantly surprised and got the opportunity to witness the first Russian domino record. Of course, the domino show was specially designed in a theme of classic cars and mobility.


In a short period of time our creative team designed en produced the show, shipped it to Moscow and realised the event. The show of 50.000 dominoes covered an area of 70 square meters. The dynamic domino display based on classic car elements showed the theme "The History of the Future". A story about assembling the very first production car, old and new racing each other, from traffic jams to increasing speed and classic icons meeting in the streets of Moscow. A stylish show offering an entertaining highlight of the evening.


Autoville, The Club, Moscow, Russia


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