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News: Domino Show "Children & Sports"

Istanbul - 22/04/2009 - After the great success last year, we were invited to set up a new domino show in Istanbul. This show was especially made to celebrate the annual Children’s Day on April 23rd as a gift from the mayor to the children of the city. The theme of this year was "Children & Sports". A football field, a basketball court and a running track were part of the domino show. Further, the Turkish flag and a portrait of Atatürk were an important part of the 8,5 minute show.

New Turkish domino record
In a new community sports centre in the Asian part of Istanbul, 14 professional domino builders build for 8 days to set up the show that consisted of 200,000 dominoes. Only 20 of them didn’t topple, which resulted in a new spectacular Turkish domino record of 199,980 toppled dominoes!

Domino Show
To topple the first domino, the mayor was asked to push a sporting ball on a running track. But he didn’t do that alone. Together with 6 children different balls were pushed on the track. The balls ran a few meters to the end and toppled the first domino. The show was broadcasted live on the Turkish TV-channel ATV.

Children's Participation
Like last year, we had the help of 120 children to make the show very special. They all made a footstep of coloured paper and made a nice drawing with the theme "Children & Sports". When the dominoes were set up, we placed the footsteps on the domino track.

Check the pictures and get an impression of the spectacular domino show in Istanbul!

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