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News: Jeroen de Meij Speed Building Champion

With 36 enthusiastic contestants, the first edition of the Mr.Domino Open Championships Domino Building was a great success. The Dutch Jeroen de Meij from Ter Aar won the Speed Building contest after many exciting games in the Mr.Domino studio in Woerden. He gets the opportunity to topple the first domino of Domino Day 2009, the domino world record attempt which takes place on Friday November 13th and wins a V.I.P. arrangement at the live show of Domino Day.

Early in the morning on November 7th, contestants from all over Europe found their way to the Woerden studio. Through qualification rounds, 16 of them placed themselves in the final competition. Encouraged by the public, the tension proved huge for some of the contestants. But the 17-year old Jeroen de Meij and his final opponent Seppe De Cré from Belgium succeeded to score persistently. The final match was tied after 2 sets. The third set was declared invalid by referee Mr.Domino because both players touched the dominoes after the 2 minute signal. The fourth set was decisive: Jeroen and his family were very excited to have won this grand price.

The highest score in the Speed Building competition was set by Philipp Zimmermann from Buchloe, Germany with 304 dominoes in 2 minutes. You can find the qualification scores and the competition overview on

Earlier, parallel with the Speed Building all 36 contestants participated in the Tower Building competition. In a crowded area packed with towers and stairs the contestants had to concentrate to keep their hands steady. After 90 minutes 6 persons made it to the final 5 minutes of Tower Building. The highest tower with a height of 108 layers (259 CM!) belonged to Thomas Jautz from Bregenz, Austria and also he won a V.I.P. arrangement at the live show of Domino Day 2009!

Beside these champions there was another winner. The Diabetes Fund got the occasion to announce their winner of the Domino E-Day online competition. Gerry Boxem from Weiteveen, The Netherlands stood out by his creativity and the number of votes and also won a V.I.P. arrangement.

It was a great day with lots of excitement for the players as well as for the audience. Of course some went home disappointed but all had an amazing experience to meet and greet so many other domino fans and Mr.Domino himself who presented the Championships with passion. See some more images in our gallery or a compilation video on YouTube.

This event was sponsored by: and PURPLE HAZE Sound & Lights.

Mr.Domino Open Championships Domino Building

Winner Mr.Domino Open Championship Domino Building