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News: Introduction of Mr.Domino

Introduction of Mr.Domino 10/09/2009

After many years and many questions where to buy real dominoes we are happy to announce the introduction of  Mr.Domino. A new brand for the original dominoes from the world record holders marked with the Mr.Domino logo. Now for sale in our webshop

During our many successful domino world record projects we have worked hard to perfect the quality of our dominoes. The result is a set of dominoes of exceptional quality, both in terms of stability and colour. With these dominoes we successfully create large, unique and colourful domino projects. Millions of people all over the world are fascinated by these projects.

Mr.Domino aims to acquaint everyone with the fun, instructive, challenging and sporty side of domino building. You can now create your own projects. The domino packages are available in different quantities in up to 11 bright colours and are suitable for both the young and old.

Mr.Domino Package