Robin Paul Weijers, also known as Mr. Domino or Herr der Steine, founded our company in 1989.

During his student years, Robin actively participated as a builder and coach in several domino world records, starting in 1986 with the KLM Domino World Record in Lisse, The Netherlands. Here his enthusiasm for domino began and created a follow up in 1988 in Rosmalen, The Netherlands.

For over 20 years, domino has been a central theme and inspiration in Robin’s life. Already 11 times he created Domino Day and 10 of them resulted in a new world record. All under his central guidance and creative direction. Robin’s challenge has been to make domino shows that awe the spectators beyond imagination.

Besides being Mr. Domino, Robin holds degrees in marketing and technical engineering, and nowadays he is a filmmaker and video artist.