Weijers Domino Productions is the proud owner of the current domino world record, as recognized by Guinness World Records.

Below you’ll find an overview of the history of the world record domino toppling by a group:

2009Domino Day: The World in Domino – The Show with the FlowNetherlands4.491.863
2008Domino Day: Breaking more World Records than everNetherlands4.345.027
2006Domino Day: Music in MotionNetherlands4.079.381
2005Domino Day: Theatre of Eternal StoriesNetherlands4.002.136
2004Domino Day: ChallengeNetherlands3.992.397
2002Domino Day: Expressions for MillionsNetherlands3.847.295
2001Domino Day: Bridging the WorldNetherlands3.540.562
2000China & Japan & South KoreaChina3.407.535
2000Domino Day: Action – ReactionNetherlands2.977.678
1999China & JapanChina2.751.518
1999Domino Day: Europa ohne GrenzenNetherlands2.472.480
1998Domino D-Day: VisionlandNetherlands1.605.757
1988Europe in DominoNetherlands1.382.101
1986KLM Domino World RecordNetherlands755.836
1984Team Klaus FriedrichGermany281.581
1980John Wickham and Erez KleinJapan255.389
1979Team Alistair HowdenNew Zealand255.000
1979Team Michael CairneyUK169.713
1979John Wickham and Erez KleinUSA135.215
1978Team Bob SpecaUSA97.500
1977Team Michael CairneyUK33.266
1974Team Bob SpecaUSA11.111