On Domino Day, we topple an ever-increasing number of dominoes in a
beautiful setting to aim for a new world record. Specially for the 11th edition we’ve restyled the show and created a design in 7 flows. Like every year it contains new concepts and techniques. To make it all work we need a lot of people and resources. How big is it actually?

The latest world record was Domino Day 2009 with:

  • 4.800.000 dominoes in total
  • 90 domino builders from 14 countries throughout Europe
  • 12 coaches guide the process
  • Almost a year of preparation and 8 weeks of continuous domino building
  • 9.500 square meters of building space
  • 1.555.500 dominoes are painted on one side for colour changing.
  • 522.527 dominoes have photo sticker attached for image appearances
  • 300 varieties in domino colour combinations
  • 442 mechanisms in 121 different techniques
  • More than 5.700 m2 floor paint
  • More than 100 decor pieces

The domino builders came from:
Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria and Croatia.

Domino Day is produced in co-operation with and by order of Endemol Nederland b.v., RTL Germany, and SBS6 Television.