Instead of designing 40 separate projects, the show will go around the world in 7 ‘flows’. The viewer will see all 7 continents from a different point of view.

The Start of this year’s edition is unique and spectacular at the same time! There will be no famous celebrity this time but a domino fan who is a champion too. Jeroen de Meij won the Mr.Domino Open Championships Domino Building and will be the lucky one who gets the opportunity to start Domino Day 2009!

To do this he has to step into a big wheel and roll it towards the first domino. On the side of the wheel a miniature world will swirl through a track. When this finally gets released it will connect with a big domino, topple it over and start the first flow of the continent Northern America. From here on 7 continents will pass in 7 continuous flows. Hopefully leading to a new world record domino toppling.

Masterplan Domino Day 2009

During the preparation in the domino hall in Leeuwarden the big masterplan is being measured in and so we would like to give you a sneak peak of what that looks like. Take a closer look at the masterplan by clicking on the image.


Masterplan Domino Day 2009 – The World in Domino – The Show With The Flow



In this continent of endless horizons the dominoes meet the strength of nature and the people who live here. The monkeys will welcome them by showing off and pulling a trick right away. Water, the source of life, brings them to the African women who carry it to their villages. At the drinking pool the dominoes stand face to face with the real wildlife. They climb high up in a tree to get on the neck of a giraffe, interact with a running cheetah, cross every stripe of a zebra and become the water an elephant drinks. In good tradition they join in a rain dance showing a special technique. Finally the rain is coming, bringing new life to the desert. A colourful world appears.



The dominoes meet the continent with much history, where a diversity of people and countries are working together in the European Union. They have to follow this example to give expression to this creative and busy part of the domino world. They travel around for some historical sightseeing, but also experience the festive and relaxed lifestyle that is so typical for the South of Europe. The dominoes admire and will become a part of all the great architecture in this continent, and come across a very popular attraction which is a 3d decor piece of 4 meters high!

Latin America


Following the dominoes we cross the ocean to Latin America. A continent where the dominoes discover ancient cultures on higher grounds. To get to the other side of the continent they have to cross the beautiful but dangerous jungle. They meet the natives but also modern cultures and enjoy the sunny weather on the beach. Play a game of football of course, learn a traditional dance in the evening and realize that dreams sometimes come true.

One of the most complicated decor pieces in this continent represents the jungle. It’s covering over a 100 square meters constructed out of three different levels where the dominoes will cross the complex jungle.



The part of the world that everybody has to travel to once in a lifetime! And so do the dominoes. They travel down under to enjoy this beautiful part of the world. Oceania is known for her extreme sports which can be done under, on and above the water! They jump and dive deep to blend in with the beautiful world of the coral reef. Hiking through the great woods can be amazing, but fire hazards are a great danger especially with the strong coastal winds. Will the dominoes have time to get out of the woods to catch some cultural performance at the Sydney Opera House?



The dominoes made it to Antarctica! Different forms of life are discovered in this freezing continent. Everything looks the same but in fact every detail in the ice is totally different. The dominoes will travel through frozen waters, dark and dangerous ice caves and slide through the snow with the penguins. Will they find their way back without a working compass or will they freeze to the ground before they topple their way to the next continent?



In Asia, the dominoes experience some amazing moments. They will be discovering what it is like to be in complete balance as they see some of the Asian environment. But they will also experience the crowded atmosphere of the big cities. And will they be big enough to make it through a real fight?

Northern America


The dominoes travel to Northern America to become rich and famous. This is the place with many opportunities! The dominoes first have to finish high school, earn money to drive a nice car, they will show their face in Hollywood and give luck a chance in Vegas.