The main theme for Domino Day 2007 was ‘ Falling into Life’. Nine big themes of life transformed into domino. With subjects like ‘Letting Go’, ‘Having Fun’, ‘Travelling’ and ‘Communicating’ the domino trail travelled the full path of life. The domino projects were supported again by music. For this edition we had set up 4.5 million dominoes divided over 40 different domino projects.

During the show that lasted almost two hours, we managed to topple most of the dominoes that were put up. The world record was 4.079.381 dominoes toppled. This year 3.671.465 dominoes toppled, which was not enough for a new world record. So there’s a new challenge for next year. Domino Day 2008 will be the 10th edition of the world record attempt domino toppling, and therefore a real spectacular one.

Domino Day 2007 took place in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, and was broadcasted live or semi-live in 12 countries. Domino Day is a production in co-operation with and by order of Endemol Nederland b.v., RTL Television GmbH, and SBS6 Television.