On 17 November 2006 Domino Day was broadcasted in many countries in Europe. The central theme was Music in Motion.  We tried our best to find unique ways to translate different types of music, from Rock ‘n Roll to disco, into a swinging and exciting domino show. And we succeeded!

For the show we selected nine genres of music to present to our viewers. Each genre was translated into four amazing domino projects. The nine musical genres in viewing order were Rock ‘n Roll, Classical music, Pop, Schlager, Roaring Twenties, Flower power, World music, Hip-hop and last but not least Disco fever. While the dominoes where toppling great songs could be heard representing each genre. Considering the many questions we got about the music that was used during the show, we know we made an interesting choice.

Kim Wilde toppled the first of 4.400.000 dominoes. She had to walk over a domino catwalk to reach that first domino, making her stand between four domino projects, very exciting.

This year for the first time, Domino Day contained four Builders Challenges. The challenges were inspired on the four musical carriers, gramophone, tape recorder, cd-player and mp3-player. Each giving the chosen builders an opportunity to add respectively 400, 4000, 40.000 and 400.000 dominoes to the world record. The four challenges proved to be very difficult and sadly the first three did not succeed. Luckily, the last Builders Challenge made up for that: the 400.000 dominoes of this builders’ challenge ensured a new world record: 4.079.381 dominoes !