On 18 November 2005 we managed to break he world record domino toppling again. The spectacular setting of the show was like a theatre: The Domino Theatre of Eternal Stories.

In this theatre we visualized universal stories from all over the world in domino. The theatre-like setting of the dominoes was a new way of storytelling. Stories included Pinocchio, the Hunchback of Notre-Dame, Faust, Robin Hood, Tom Sawyer and many others.

Anastacia toppled the first large domino. It ended on the same stage with another large domino and in between was an 1,5 hour theatre show of dominoes telling their eternal stories. Of course, Domino Day would not be the same without some great special effects that added to the excitement. And what to think of live dancing in between the stones, without making one mistake, during the record attempt? Anouska did it in front of a live television audience of many millions with grace and style.

Most of the dominoes toppled perfectly. Only during the builders’ challenges, two large domino fields of respectively 100.000 and 150.000 dominoes were not or incorrectly toppled.

Finally, it resulted in a new world record of 4.002.136 dominoes.