The central theme of Domino Day 2004 has been: The Challenge. In total we’ve realized four amazing challenges.

The first challenge was the Creative Challenge. The challenge included new designs and challenging ideas that explored the limits of the domino possibilities. This resulted in 46 different projects which were arranged in 6 sub themes: Break Limits, Experience Beauty, Create Ways, Discover Dreams, Inspire Minds and Explore Power.

This sixth Domino Day had also a retrospective view to the five past Domino Days. Six spectacular projects that didn’t work in one of the past Domino Days were built up again. This time all these Historical Challenge projects succeeded, which resulted in spectacular television.

A very thrilling challenge was the Builders Challenge. During the live show before every commercial break two of the 81 builders were chosen to build a builders challenge. They had to built a connecting line to open the barrier in front of one field with 100.000 dominoes. When the builders failed this field wouldn’t topple! The first challenge was building a domino line on a bone structure of 7.2 meters in 10 minutes. The second challenge was building a spiral tower of 2 meters high in 12 minutes. The last challenge was building a domino line of 5 meters in 2 minutes. However the first challenge succeeded, the tension even raised while the builders were unfortunately not able to fulfil the second and third challenge.