From 1998 on there has been a Domino Day world record attempt almost every year. Here you can find interesting information on the themes of all Domino Days:

Domino Day 2009: The World in Domino

Instead of designing 40 separate projects, the show will go around the world in 7 ‘flows’. The viewer will see all 7 continents from a different point of view. The Start of this year’s edition is unique and spectacular at the same time! There will be no famous celebrity this time but a domino fan […]

Domino Day 2008: Celebrating 10 years of DD

‘Celebrating 10 years of Domino Day- Breaking more World Records than ever-‘ was the central theme of this year’s spectacular edition.

Domino Day 2007: Falling into Life

Nine big themes of life transformed into domino. With subjects like ‘Letting Go’, ‘Having Fun’, ‘Travelling’ and ‘Communicating’ the domino trail travelled the full path of life.

Domino Day 2006: Music in Motion

On 17 November 2006 Domino Day was broadcasted in many countries in Europe. The central theme was Music in Motion.  We tried our best to find unique ways to translate different types of music, from Rock ‘n Roll to disco, into a swinging and exciting domino show. And we succeeded! For the show we selected […]

Domino Day 2005: Theatre of Eternal Stories

On 18 November 2005 we managed to break he world record domino toppling again. The spectacular setting of the show was like a theatre: The Domino Theatre of Eternal Stories. In this theatre we visualized universal stories from all over the world in domino. The theatre-like setting of the dominoes was a new way of […]

Domino Day 2004: The Challenge

The central theme of Domino Day 2004 has been: The Challenge. In total we’ve realized four amazing challenges. The first challenge was the Creative Challenge. The challenge included new designs and challenging ideas that explored the limits of the domino possibilities. This resulted in 46 different projects which were arranged in 6 sub themes: Break […]

Domino Day 2002: Expressions for Millions

Expressions for Millions was the theme of Domino Day 2002. The projects visualized expressions from around the world. The proverbs were paired in three projects. For instance, when an Englishman “paints the town red” a Dutchman would “put the flowers outside”! By comparing expressions we created the visual carrier for the projects. In an amazing […]

Domino Day 2001: Bridging the World

On 16 November 2001, we established a new record with 3.540.562 toppled dominoes. ‘Bridging the World’ was the theme of the event, as it has been a co-operation between different countries around the world. During the show, the dominoes tumbled down in a period of almost one-and-a-half hours.

Domino Day 2000: Action - Reaction

On 3 November 2000, Domino Day was transmitted directly from the Prins Bernard Hoeve in Zuid-Laren, The Netherlands. The theme was Action – Reaction. It was a response to the world record the Chinese and Japanese set at the end of 1999. 75 builders from Germany and Holland built up a total of 65 domino […]

Domino Day 1999: Europa ohne Grenzen

In 1999, the dominoes were set up on the surface of the Prins Bernardhoeve in Zuidlaren in the Netherlands. ‘Europa Ohne Grenzen’ was the theme in 1999 which resulted in a spectacular new record of 2.472.480 dominoes. The live event also attracted a record-breaking TV-viewership of more than 15 million Europeans.

Domino Day 1998: Visionland

Domino toppling received a new boost after 1998, when a total of 1.605.757 dominoes were toppled in the Dutch town of Leeuwarden around the ‘Visionland’-theme. A new world record was officially acknowledged by Guinness World Records. This magnificent feat was witnessed by 4 million viewers in the Netherlands (SBS 6 Television) and no fewer than […]