Although this year’s show was a great success some things didn’t go as planned. The whole domino trail is carefully planned and certain risks are calculated and secured. But still some domino effects stay unpredictable and result in incidents that were not suppose to happen. Because of the many questions about this subject we like to share some of the most important turning points during this live event which changed the show dramatically.

Northern America


We started of in Northern America with the beautiful Statue of Liberty. The beginning went perfect, but the “Yes We Can-field” didn’t topple completely. The third turning fence didn’t have enough power to turn far enough to topple the orange line! The third domino before the turning fence had to topple three other dominoes and therefore the line didn’t have enough speed anymore, once it arrived at the turning fence. 28.000 Dominoes were missed because of this.

dd2009-northern-america-flagOne of the two most radical incidents in Domino Day 2009 was The Wall Street Wall!! One domino from the stack toppled over the big safety fence and fell into the American Flag. ‘Fortunately’ it toppled in the right direction, but because of this, we made a big leap in the timing. While the viewers at home saw the Empire State, Las Vegas was already toppling.

Because of the early toppling, the show went from New York to the Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. What you didn’t see was a part of the Empire State, The Movie strip, The Famous First Stones and Vegas Vic. All this because of one domino! That’s really too bad! Take a look at the pictures:



In Las Vegas we had a poker table with a real poker game. Unfortunately 1 of the fiches of the other side of the table, rolled into a line, and toppled it in the wrong direction. Therefore we didn’t see which player won the game!


Latin America

The jungle was one of the most beautiful pieces of Domino Day 2009. However, we had a small flop over here as well. With special mechanisms to connect the dominoes between different heights, we reached the several levels and toppled all the fields. But one of these was placed too far from the dominoes, so they didn’t topple a piece of the tree and the jaguar.



In Africa we had planned a beautiful final where the search for water would have been finished with success: a cloud with rain of dominoes! Three builders build for a week 10.000 dominoes high up in the air to create this spectacular effect! By a special technique of dominoes on a string, which would be pulled up to topple the dominoes on the cloud, the dominoes would come down and make the rain fall. However, the strings were pulled up with too much power, the strings got strangled and the technique got blocked. The day after Domino Day, we toppled the cloud for the domino builders to watch.



dd2009-europe-pineappleIn the Europe flow we made a very bad start: a pine cone from a cuckoo clock would come down and start the middle of a circle. Unfortunately the inner circle was too wide and the pine cone didn’t touch the dominoes.

Europe is also the place of the second big incident of Domino Day 2009. Like in North America, one domino from the avalanche wall fell and jumped in the wrong direction toppling another project too early. Again we made quit a big leap in the timing of the show.

The viewers saw the fastest train, followed by Moscow and the Gypsies. After this we went to the Philosopher and finished the flow. What you didn’t see is everything between the gypsies and the philosopher, which was Royalty, the Food flow, Greece, Holidays and the Eiffel Tower. We took some pictures, so you can see it after all, or check out the behind the scenes video, where you can watch the Greek Parthenon topple.





In Asia we had the Mandala toppling all during the flow. As a back-up we had lines coming out of it and going to a particular part of the flow. One of the back-ups, the one to the three pictures of the sumo wrestlers, came out too early and toppled the three fields, while another field was toppling as well. We missed it on TV, but here you can see the pictures.


In the beginning of Asia we had lots of little mice which formed a panda bear all together. Unfortunately this line through the mice stopped quit early because the dominoes were too close to each other.


Further on in Asia, we had a real car standing that was being paint brushed. There were dominoes standing on top of the car which, as they toppled, would appear in the colour of the car. However, the dominoes were placed too far from the field starter en didn’t topple. This is how they looked toppling the next day:



In Oceania we had the Sydney Opera House. A very nice decor piece with dominoes. It toppled a few times in the last week of preparation and even on the day of the show. We had to decide to rebuild it in a different way than the original design. You saw it on TV like this:


But the original design which turned out to be too risky looked like this:


Click here to watch the video of Domino Day 2009: Behind the scenes.