As if the world record itself is not the biggest challenge it has some extra challenges which have to be executed during the live show. During every challenge two domino builders will fight against time for the big numbers which otherwise would not count for the world record. In line with this year’s theme ‘The World in Domino’ the Builders Challenges are representing:

The Elements of the World

Earth, air, water and fire: the four elements of the World. These elements are essential all over the world. Already at the time of the ancient Greek, they assumed that earth, air, water and fire were the four foundations of all matter.

A special aspect this year is the influence of the first three challenges affecting the difficulty of the final challenge. So it’s not just about the fields of 25.000 and 50.000 dominoes but each successful Builders Challenge makes the final one easier.

Below you find a description of all four challenges.

Builders Challenge 1 – EARTH

Two domino builders have two minutes time to close the connection in a domino line. But in this case they have to build on a layer of earth, without support or a leveled ground.

The domino field at stake consists of 25.000 earth coloured dominoes and is the first of the element fields surrounding the final field. If it works the final challenge becomes easier.


Builders Challenge 2 – AIR

What would be more suitable for this challenge than to build in the air! The domino builders might even have to reach over their heads to build a domino line on small swings hanging freely in the air. When all swings have a domino standing together they form the important connection which is necessary.

The domino field at stake symbolises a reflection of the air and consists out of 25.000 dominoes again. This field is also located near the final field. If they succeed the challenge the final one becomes easier again.


Builders Challenge 3 – WATER

Even a big aquarium filled with 720 litres of water which interrupts the domino line can’t cool down the builders. Although they work with heavy dominoes it will be a big challenge to build a line in the water in two minutes. 1 single mistake will make the dominoes go for a swim.

A big field is at stake. It consist 50.000 dominoes which represents the element of water. If the challenge is a success, the last Builders Challenge will be easier once again.


Builders Challenge 4 – FIRE

In the final challenge the builders literally feel the hot breath down their necks. In fireproof suits with big helmets and gloves the builders have to place special dominoes with big pincers on a bar in the middle of a big fire bin.

With three previous Challenges the fire could be 80 centimeters tall. With every successful challenge the fire will be reduced by 20 centimeters. Which will make it a bit easier. But the question is; will the previous challenges (earth, air and water) succeed?

There’s a field of 500.000 dominoes at stake representing all continents.