Our approach is characterised by professionalism, creativity, interaction and fun-to-work-with.


Every business request is taken seriously. As we see domino as a communication tool, we want to know what you or your client will want to communicate through the domino production. Your communication goals are the starting point in designing tailor-made domino projects. Of course, we also need to know about your deadlines and the location of the production. Please give us as much details as available with your first request.

Creative Domino Know-How

Your key objectives are the starting point for our creative teams. Over the years, we have developed and marketed many domino productions. All of our productions are made to measure, depending on our customer’s demands. As the number one dominotainment company in the world, we will put all our creative domino know-how at your disposal, in order to create that once-in-a-life-time experience.

Development and preparation

After your approval of the design, our development team will translate the design into a domino project. Special domino computer programmes will calculate the number of dominoes and the specific colours required. Working plans and material lists will be produced al well. The special domino effects will be tested. And all dominoes will be produced and prepared in order to create the beautiful pictures that we are famous for. If necessary, we will come over for pre-production meetings and check whether the location you have in mind is suitable for the domino project.


A professional domino crew will be selected to meet your specific demands. The crew will consist of an experienced project manager, technical toppling experts and domino builders. This crew will come over to your location and will spend a number of days to set up the dominoes and special domino effects, depending on the size of your project. All of our crew members are at least one-time world record holders.

Directing and directing advice

Directing a domino video requires special skills. Since dominoes will topple the way they are designed to, directing starts on the design table. Nobody is more experienced in shooting toppling dominoes than we are. With dominoes we know what works on camera and what doesn’t.


Of course, you are not fully aware of all the possibilities of professional domino productions. Nor do you have to, once you get to know us. We will make sure that your ideas and your communication goals are fully integrated into the domino production. Your audience will be astounded by the result. We will also assist and advise you on the execution of the domino production with issues regarding location, decorations, directing, lighting, camera, logistics, marketing, communication, audience interaction, presentation and so on.

Project Management

Our experienced project managemt will be your first contact during the whole domino project. They will make sure that the domino project is prepared and produced in detail and on time. Their knowledge of the production world will be your added value.


Generally speaking, our tailor-made projects are not available from stock. Every domino project is unique and will be designed and prepared on the basis of your unique communication goals. We understand your need for a quick budget indication and that is why we need detailed information about what you want to achieve with the domino project.

Preparation time

Bottom line: We need time to prepare a domino project because every project is started from scratch. You have to bear in mind that a project usually takes 6 to 12 weeks of preparation. Of course, all of this depends on the scope of your production. For example: our world record TV show ‘Domino Day’ takes 8 months to prepare and 2 months to build! And an average production time for a domino commercial or show request at least three months before production date due to our busy schedule.