As domino experts we are specialized in chain reactions. We love to combine these two things. When you watch Domino Day, you can see that the domino effect is one of the basic principles of a chain reaction.

A good example of a combination like this is the commercial of Guinness. This commercial starts with the beautiful ‘domino room’ but flows into an amazing chain reaction, which goes from domino to small objects to bigger objects and even knocking over cars.


“Isn’t it nice when things just work” explains our attraction to chain reactions, as seen in our Selfridges show. The display was especially designed with the use of parts of the Honda Cog commercial, to give the audience a live chain reaction experience.

At the office

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Do it yourself

Another recent accomplishment with chain reactions is our design and production of a Do It Yourself ‘Action-Reaction-Track’. It’s a special chain reaction track, which can be built up by participants. The track is the last surprising part of a teambuilding event.