Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB) Domino Show

This domino show of over 100.000 dominoes expressed the messages of the ÖBB. During the show the 4.000 visitors came off their seats and put down their dominoes together making the missing connections of the domino show.

V for Vendetta The Movie

Key scene in domino of the movie ‘V for Vendetta’ from Warner Bros.

BBC World Record on demand

An exclusive disc trail in the BBC studio of children’s program Blue Peter. This special trail was a successful kick off of the annual appeal.

DHL TV Commercial

Popular TV Commercial, in which a perfect combination of real domino fields and post production created a playful setting.

Domino Day Live TV Show

Broadcasted live in many countries, and also transmitted semi-live or on a later date in several other countries, this domino television programme is a very large production endeavour, in co-operation with the production company Endemol Nederland b.v.

Domino Team Building

Teambuilding in an entertaining environment to improve internal communication and cooperation using domino.

Gati Limited TV Commercial

A domino TV ad explaining the domino discipline for logistic solution provider GATI from India.

Istanbul Domino Show 2009

A spectacular and sportive domino show especially made to celebrate the annual Children’s Day on April 23rd.

RTL Giant Logo

Unique live TV Show for the 20th anniversary of RTL Germany. At the end of the live show 175.000 dominoes toppled, one for each RTL programme hour.

Guinness Tipping Point

Shot up an Argentinian mountain, the ad shows a community coming together to create the mother of all domino-toppling spectacles.

Wedel TV Commercial

A delightful 30 seconds TV-commercial for the Polish market to attract a younger target group.

C1000 Domino Mania TV Commercial

A TV commercial for a supermarket chain based on the domino effect with several sensational chain reactions resulting in an attractive moving story with a little touch of magic and humour.

Optimus TV Commercial

A TV commercial introducing a new mobile phone with sophisticated MP3 options. In the commercial, a young man says farewell to his old discs in a most unusual way.

Chain Reactions

As domino experts we are specialized in chain reactions. We love to combine these two things. When you watch Domino Day, you can see that the domino effect is one of the basic principles of a chain reaction.

Kruidvat Domino TV Commercial

Cooperating with the Dutch Grocery Company Kruidvat and Endemol we produced a domino TV Commercial. In the Commercial a (staged) Domino Day builder makes a mistake and ruined a part of Domino Day.

Autoville Domino Show

By choosing a Domino Live Show the museum “Autoville The Club – Moscow” showed how to distinguish herself at their official opening.