Wedel TV Commercial

Take a look behind the scenes


Cadbury-Wedel Polska: Polish confectionery company


Design and produce the domino scenes for a new TV commercial. Consult the client and the director about how to realize the maximum domino experience within this commercial.


A delightful and unique 30-seconds TV commercial for the Polish market to attract a younger target group.


Thed Lenssen

Advertising agency:

Saatchi & Saatchi


The creative domino team supported the director and advertising agency in the domino art-direction for the TV commercial. The domino development team computed the timing and designed the floor plans. During the pre-production and on location the domino technicians designed and tested all the settings, placed the necessary techniques and prepared the special dominoes. Over 250 special dominoes were hand-made and painted in our own studio. A crew of professional domino builders set up several impressive domino scenes.


The shoot took place in a special apartment in Utrecht, The Netherlands.