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Endemol Netherlands, SBS Group, RTL Germany

The numbers:

In November 2009, millions of people watched Domino Day on television. 4,800,000 dominoes were set up to break our previous record of 4,345,027 toppled dominoes. We managed to set a new Domino World Record in 2009 with a grand total of 4,491,863 dominoes toppled! Broadcasted live in many countries, and also transmitted semi-live or on a later date in several other countries, this domino television programme is always a very large production endeavour, in co-operation with the production company Endemol Nederland b.v and RTL Germany.
To capture the 4.8 million dominoes event on television, 24 cameras, 103 microphones, 450 lamps and 28 km cable are needed. During the last week before the broadcast, 400 people are working full force to make the show happening.


Preparations for this incredible show take our professional team of 15 designers and engineers 8 months. After that, 90 builders, managed by a professional team of 25, need 2 months to set up the dominoes.

Broadcasting countries:

Previous programmes were broadcasted in Germany, France, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Spain, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Greece, China and The United States.


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