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Show us your Creations

All around the world, there are domino enthusiasts and domino fans.
For young and old, domino can be an addiction for life.

Is your hobby also domino building?
This is the place to show us what you can do!
Send us your work by e-mail (Weijers Domino Productions)
or on DVD/videotape (PAL format) to:

Weijers Domino Productions b.v.
Pompmolenlaan 14
3447 GK Woerden
The Netherlands


We are looking forward to seeing your creations!

Are you making other dynamic projects?


As domino professionals, we are also interested in other large-scale projects involving dynamic movement and chain reactions. Do you share our passion?

Send us an e-mail (Weijers Domino Productions), describing your activities, background, web link and if possible an example of your work.