Guinness TV Commercial

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MJZ Film Productions, London


The creative domino team supported the director in the domino art-direction. The domino technicians prepared over 600 objects (props) for a spectacular domino effect. In addition, the team built the opening domino scene as well as several objects in a small village on an Argentinean mountain.


On 9 November 2007 the commercial was launched in British cinemas and the next day it was broadcasted on television all over the UK. The news reported an increase in turnover for Guinness Beer and announced that all domino games were out of stock by Christmas!


The shoots took place in the Andes Mountains in Argentina, in a small village called Iruya, at a height of 3,000 meters. During the shootings, Iruya had twice the ‘citizens’ it normally has.


Nicolai Fulgsig (also known from the colourful Sony Balls commercial).


Props like cars, hay bales, stairs, refrigerators, breads, skeletons, filled paint cans, carcasses, books, clocks, tires, picture frames, soapboxes, match boxes and many more household appliances.


A domino table and vintage dominoes were collected (as were the other props) all over Argentina. Several dominoes were so old, they couldn’t even be put up straight.