C1000 Domino Mania TV Commercial


C1000 Supermarkets


Advise, design and produce the chain reaction scenes and domino effects according to commercial’s script. Create the storyboard on base of director’s script. Produce special techniques on the base of supermarket materials and the special dominoes.


An eye-catching 45 seconds TV commercial promoting the marketing campaign Domino Mania of the C1000 supermarket chain. The commercial combines the main character of their commercials, who causes the domino effect, with several sensational chain reactions resulting in an attractive moving story with a little touch of magic and humour. The Domino commercial has been launched on Dutch television March 7th 2010.


First on Mars - film production
Herman Poppelaars - director
Y & R Not just film - advertising agency


Our creative team and art department designed, produced and tested the different techniques. The special wishes of the script were taken into consideration. The effects should be startling and believable at the same time. And of course these techniques were made suitable and prepared for the shoot at location. Before and during the shoot our team assisted the director and crew with the planning, constructing the sets and gave directing support about the best way to show the domino toppling.


C1000 Supermarket in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.